Go To Gospels

A few prime essays recommended for lively and informed views on art creative stuff in general.

The touchstone source for the content vs form debate and a prophecy for the return to the DIY work ethic.

Travels in Hyperreality by Umberto Eco
Meta po-mo and why it's so American.

On the new by Boris Groys
October's series on the contemporary fall like dominoes after this zeitgeist shout out.

Art after the End of Art  by Arthur C. Danto
A schooling on, well the end of "art", by one of the most imaginative of art "explainers".

Red Grooms by Arthur C. Danto
Super-smart philosophy professor compares the ruckus roustabout to Jesus!

The Avant-Garde and Kitsch  by Clement Greenberg
Hilton Kramer's grumpy older sister on stuff he pretends he doesn't like.

Prom Night in Flatland by Dave Hickey
The most applicably needed piece from Dragon.

A Life in the Arts by Dave Hickey
One of the best and most human arguments for democracy against the experts.

The Fall of Art by William S. Burroughs
He had to have an opinion.

My Own Business  by William S. Burroughs
Dated? Or a great essay on pre-PC leftist tolerance.

Secret Skin by Michael Chabon 
An essay on unitard theory  turns out to be one of the best on articulating aptness of form.