Tuesday, October 19, 2010

An Artist I

 "Having been a painter" is a great thing to have on a resume (meaning, your directing career has started), so, having been a painter, I can move on to talking about the other things I like to look at.
 Not to dismiss my stuff - in fact, I really am proud of the feeble body of work produced in my seven years now in New York. And let me tell you, my efforts have taken their licks. My attempts at acrylic and sculpture have been booed, punched, kicked, and have had opening night wine thrown on them (deliberately), by drunks, scholars, children, and lunatics. One of the biggest compliments (?) I've ever received, is that my artwork is "hard to say 'Fuck You' back to".  I know there's a tone here that could be taken as braggart in some sense, but I've quite literally just walked back from duct-taping the shoulder of an injured Indian bust in a Brooklyn beer hall. I'm just glad his Disney-effect-meet-your-eyes-around-the-room-wherever-you-go-eyes weren't damaged. But more about me and mine later......
 Point being, the observations following will be from that of a lazy maker with more than a little interest in the skewed human filter of stuff. Who doesn't like to walk around and look at things and then have an opinion about them? Maybe some stories are worth sharing, maybe even with some kind of relevant cultural interpretation (I have a book called 'Hegel In 90 Minutes' - haven't read it),  maybe not all of what I'd like to write about will be too annoying (don't get your hopes up), but I promise my interests and thoughts will be, if a bit peculiar and idiosyncratic, well worth a read..............

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  1. cannot wait!

    and "let me tell you," the life of a saint is truly of wonder and awe, especially "a lazy maker" saint.