Tuesday, January 11, 2011

On the other hand....

 Everyone should read Dave Hickey and Thomas Frank because they're both right. A few years back the two writers sparred over the significance of Norman Rockwell with Hickey taking the democratic side ("if that many people like him, he must be on to something") while The Baffler editor Frank remained true to his radical 60's call for alternate sources of information ("people only like Rockwell because that's all they know about"). It is the need for both well-stated arguments that make the discourse (and Norman Rockwell) compelling.
 In my last post so long ago I celebrated outside and imaginative public interpretation of art, regardless of an artist's intent, and soon remembered another story.
 During the dot-com boom of the 90's, it made the news that freshly rich twenty somethings were buying up San Mateo county's famed Eichler homes and altering them to the taste of the owner. The new breed of tech moneybags were not making headlines for an interest in art or cutting edge design, but it was still kind of surprising to hear what was being done. Known for their flat roofs, large windows and  modernist atriums, the newly purchased houses were now being adorned with Spanish tiled false A-frames and Roman columns. Upon hearing this, my mother said "I'd do that".

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